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Crazy Anime Art

For lovers of Anime and Manga

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Animation cartoons

This community belonds to sugercat

WELCOME Artist, Writers Anime/cartoon fangals and boys around the world (or at else on Lj anyway ^^;)

this site is for Artist and Writers who are fans of Anime/Manga Cartoons/Comics,
Movies, videogames, Books E.C.

this community was made so these kind of fans could share their writings and fanworks or fanarts with other fans, that or chat about their Fandoms with each other!

1.Please accept everyone for who they are because we're all unique in this world. Bothering people is not nice...

2. No fighting! If you have a problem with anyone tell me or any of the other mods and we'll try to fix the problem in a calm, nice way.

3. Posting pictures up is allowed (WE WANT YOU TO POST PICTURES!). No Nudity! Please!((BUT if you Really MUST/want to then put those BEHIND a LJ cut and put up a waring so noone gets upset ok)) =P One picture up and the rest will be behind lj cuts. If it's too big put it behind a lj cut =3 OH and no sealing others work!!!

4. The quizzes! >.<' Oh god! Put them behind lj cuts...please.

5. If you want to advertise/Promote this community....go ahead if you want.

6. You MUST like Anime/Manga Cartoons/comics and/or videogames or to read and watch Movies

well if everone here will follow those rules there should be no fuss and everone should be happy ^_^

Oh this Community's best friend is ___shimmer___ hope you go there to have a look see ^_^

Oh when you frist jion up just do this little APPLICATION so everone can get to know each other here =^^=


Whats your FIRST name? (or Alias):

Any nicknames?:


Where ya from?:

Fav Animes:

Fav Mangas:

Tell us about yourself:

Ok well that's it Anime/Manga, Cartoon/comic, Movie Fans and Book worms ^_^ *mews*

This was from sugercat