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Ah it has been awhile has it not?

well I am most sorry for taking so long to update agin here!

I'm also coming up with a contest or two for the members of crazyanimeart!

But I have to find what I should give the winner for when they win!

That and I'd like for you all to tell me if you like or dislike this Community's mascots?

That and the outlook for this community too!

Oh and there's what storys you want to cross over with this August? (meaning which Anime/Mangas do you want to crossover with and what do you want to crossover with Lord of the rings and/or Harry Potter?)

Every moth I'll chane what kind of fan comics or fanfics we'll chane what storys we'll have crossover with!

so just coment and tell me what you want and then we can get this community going! and then I can hole up a vote for want everone wants too!
Because rember guys and gals this not just my community it's yours as well! ^_^
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