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Agin I've gone away and drawn some pics ^_____________^

some a doodles I did of myself and my cat paws =3

and the others are pics of a story I'm thinking of doing, I NEED Help getting it going T___T

I've only got four chacters so far and two of them are dead T___T

*sighs* Poor Piero and Jade they lost their Mum, their Dad AND their world all in one day *pats them on the head* sorry it had to happen to ya!

If there are any Artist/writers willing to help me out I would really like that ^_^

well if you want to see the pics go look under the cut ^^;

Ok frist up is me and paws.... and myself as a kitty ^^;

OK this is a pic of Piero and Jade with their mum and Dad ^___^

This is a pic of Piero's and Jade's world (Catona) before it was blown up!

    Next up is Piero and Jade being sent down to earth and sent away from their dying world T_T  and this is Piero trying to cheer up his little sister up as they land somewhere on earth  

And these are desighs on Piero and Jade...

well I hope you all injoyed looking at my art! ^_______^

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