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Ok lets get this Community up and running ^_^


Whats your FIRST name? (or Alias): Alana, but just call me Sugarcat ok =3

Any nicknames?: Lana or Sugar

Gender?: female

How old are you?: 18 turning 19 on august the 6th!

Where ya from?: Australia

Fav Animes: Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, CCS, One piece, Gravition, Neon Genesis Evangeelion, Shaman King, AZU Manga Daioh, Fruits Basket and many more..

Fav Mangas: Pet Shop of Horrors, Naruto, Crescent Moon, Hana-Kimi, Chobits, Wish, CCS, Immortal Rain, XXX Holic, Angelic Layer, Rurouni Kenshin and lots more..

Tell us about yourself:Ok what is there to tell you guys/gals about myself? Um I love to read draw and make up storys, I'm kind of insane (mostly when I've eatten sugar and then I'm on a high^^;), I love cute animals, but cat's would have to be my favs, I can be a little lazy at times ^^; and I love to nap in nice warm sunny spots sometimes out in the park ^_^ I'm not know for actting or looking my age (people keep saying that they think I'm 15 or 16 or younger when I tell them my real age T_T)

Ok looks wise I've got curly brown hair that gos to my shoulders, pale skin (I can't tan very well T_T) I can't gain wait which sucks because people keep trying to fatten me up when I'm not hungery -_-; I've got brown eyes (well I think they are brown, some people tell me theey are a bit green at times <.<;) I'm not very tall but I'm not that short enther, my hands are small so are my feet.

How can we contact you?: kittycatrules (my aim screen name)

well this is all for now ^^;
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